A Modern Girl
in Love in Arima.


“And i think we might as well take our time
and look around for someone really good.”

Who is Koisan?

Free-spirited modern girl "Koi-san"

The fourth daughter, Taeko, also known as Koi-san, appears in Junichiro Tanizaki's 'The Makioka Sisters,' which depicts the local culture of Arima and the lifestyle of the Hanshinkan Modernism era.



“But you looked too young.”
Again Taeko laughed her practiced laugh.

Koisan’s Story

Koi-san's Love Story by 'The Makioka Sisters'

This is a novel about the daily lives of four sisters, set in an old family in Osaka from the fall of 1936 to the spring of 1941 in the early Showa era.
The fourth daughter, Taeko, falls in love with three men ....


“Why does Koi-san have on a kimono?”
“And now do I look in my kimono, Etsuko?”

Kimono Fashion

Modern Kimono Fashion Coordination

We offer a new retro experience of walking around Arima in kimono.
We offer you a moment as if you have stepped back in time, in body and soul, while
expressing your own personality with playful and chic designs.

- style1 -

  • Photo: Atsushi Tanaka
  • Styling: Aiko Kitaaki(Modern Hatoba)
  • Hair: Takashi Sueda(SUEDA HAIR ROOM)
  • Make: Yuki Mori

- Costume Cooperation -

  • maxim
  • 大塚呉服店
  • haberdashery
  • 弥生

- style2 -

  • Photo: Atsushi Tanaka
  • Styling: Sheila Cliffe
  • Kimono Dresser: Hisae Nishiwaki, Kumiko Ishioka
  • Hair: Takashi Sueda(SUEDA HAIR ROOM)
  • Make: Yuki Mori, Mie Fujimori, Yuka Shibata

- Costume Cooperation -

  • maxim

- style3 -

  • Photo: Atsushi Tanaka
  • Styling: Sheila Cliffe
  • Hair: Takashi Sueda(SUEDA HAIR ROOM)
  • Make: Maki Hagino


“Which cord will go with this obi?”
“Will it go with my kimono?”
“Exactly the right one. Put it on, put it on.”


How to Wear Modern Kimono Clothing

Kimono researcher Sheila Cliffe visits the home of a young lady who wants to experience modern kimono clothing. She teaches how to combine a kimono in a closet with everyday clothes and accessories to make it fashionable and easy to wear.


“I will have to dance very hard to pay for my dinner.”

Arima Geiko

Hanshinkan Modernism, in which Arima geiko dance

The geiko, who keep the Ozashiki-Asobi (playing games with Geiko) tradition in Arima,
perform a dance made under the theme of "Four Seasons of Hanshinkan Modernism."
You can experience it in the Arima hot spring town and see it online.


“I hear you’ve become an artist.
I always knew you had talent.”

Watch Online Lecture

Online Lectures

Cultural figures and experts who are knowledgeable about "The Makioka Sisters," "Hanshinkan Modernism" and "Modern Girl" will be invited to give lectures online.

※Delivered on the official YouTube account of "Arima ni Koi san" on the following dates.An Arima event where you can feel Koi-san.

  • Inheritance and utilization of old buildings

    Place: Arimasansoh Goshobessho Inn

    Guest: Ari Morimoto(Guggenheim House Manager / Musician), Shyuhei Ohashi(Chairman, NPO Kayabukiza), Nobuaki Nagai(Director, NPO Kayabukiza)

    Facilitator: Kazushige Kanai(Arima Onsen Tourist Association)

  • Arima Geiko's New Dance and Creation of Lyrics

    Place: Tocen Goshoboh Inn

    Guest: Shinya Yamamoto(Haiku poet / Painter), Yoshinobu Yoshida(Yoshitakaya)

    Facilitator: Lamyaa Kanai

  • About Modernism Fashion

    Place: Hyoe Koyokaku Inn

    Guest: Aiko Kitaaki / Kimono Stylist(Modern Hatoba)

    Facilitator: Lamyaa Kanai

  • Hanshinkan Modernism as Seen in "The Makioka Sisters“

    Place: Hotel Hanakoyado

    Guest: Toshi Tatsumi(Researcher of Junichiro Tanizaki)

    Facilitator: Lamyaa Kanai

Event & News

Arima's event to feel Koi-san.

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